Bennie was living in San Francisco in the early Eighties when he met San.
Bennie says it was love at first sight. San isn't so sure of that, but it makes for a good story.
San was directing a gallery at Union Square. She had very large hair and was a published poet.
Bennie was the front man of a rock band called Practical Dreamers. They played many happening venues, such as Mabuhay Gardens, aka the Fab Mab.
No, Marilyn Monroe was not in the band. Unbelievably, we have no pictures of the band. That was before i-Phones. This is a poster advertising some of their gigs around town.
Bennie began directing a gallery near the Westin St. Francis. He and San were dating.
They moved in together -- across the street from what would be the Full House sit com house. On Broderick Street.
They were young and foolish and quit their jobs. They opened their own gallery in 1985. On Union Street.
Now the real work began.
In 1986 they were married. They went to Hawaii for their honeymoon.
Then, San became pregnant. Now the real work began.
Daughter Flannery arrived later that year. We celebrated!
Son Oakley arrived two years later. We celebrated! The lease on the Union Street gallery expired. During Spring Break in 1993, we visited Santa Fe. Bennie regretted wearing shorts when it began snowing in April. But it was love at first sight. All over again. We sold our home in California. And moved to Santa Fe. The kids adjusted nicely.
The gallery relocated too. To Palace Avenue. Then we moved to Old Santa Fe Trail. The kids were often at the gallery. They remained relatively unscathed. Oakley won first prize in a statewide poetry contest when he was 14. He learned early on that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is in his own head.
Flannery edited the school paper and was named a Santa Fe Super Scholar. The gallery moved to West San Francisco Street. San began painting. Her paintings now reside around the world. From Pinedale, Wyoming, to Rome, Italy, to Shelley, Australia.

Bennie had been making art clocks. And making art clocks. More than 1000 of his clocks reside worldwide. They adorn a headmaster's office in London and a sheep farm in Tasmania.

Oakley collaborated with Bennie on Time and Space Chair. The kids grew up. Oakley earned his MFA in creative writing from CU-Boulder. Flannery received an MD from UNM. Flannery completed a residency and a fellowship at Harvard. She is a consultation liaison psychiatrist at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts.
She was married to the love of her life, Matt Roth, in Santa Fe. Oakley officiated. Flannery and Matt have a daughter --Clementine. She is our darling! Oakley teaches English, rhetoric, and the classics at a private school in Albuquerque. His poems have been published in literary journals nationwide. He is working on a novel
We have always been so proud of our children. Through the years, the gallery has remained kid-friendly. And that's a good thing. A very good thing.
In 2017 we moved to our dream location. We are in the heart of Santa Fe's art district. At 634 Canyon Road. This old adobe has endeared itself to us. History suffuses every nook and nicho. Our artists are truly endearing. They continue to amaze with their depth of vision.
Their art renews us. It pulls us in. And invites us to contemplate.
We marvel at our artists' originality. Their fluidity. And their personal style.
We love their diversity. Their audacity. And their extraordinary talent.
We honor their inner focus. And their commitment to all of life. Their sense of purpose is big. As is ours.
  When you visit us, you will most likely hear Bennie playing guitar. Some things never change. And, that's a good thing. A very good thing.  






634 Canyon Road/Santa Fe, NM 87501