Bringing together art and the people who love it since 1985.

Convergence Gallery is located in the heart of Santa Fe, the fabled small city

of northern New Mexico. You will find us at 219 West San Francisco Street,

near the Lensic Performing Arts Center. We are a block east of the Eldorado

and Hilton Hotels, and a block and a half south of the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum.

Public parking is directly across the street at the Sandoval Garage.

Our gallery was founded by artists Bennie and San Merideth in 1985,

in San Francisco, California. During Spring Break in 1993, we visited Santa Fe

with our children. We fell in love with the sweeping vistas, the fresh mountain

air, the slower pace of life, and the vibrant art market. Later that year we relocated.

Today we take pride in representing a diverse selection of excellent contemporary art...

The mutli-layered, playful paintings of Diana Stetson celebrate the interconnectedness of all beings, as do Dimitry Domani's bronze sculptures.

Sarah Fagan, a rising young star in American contemporary art, with her masterful trompe l'oeil technique, her use of lush painterly strokes, invites us to enjoy the magical complexity of the ordinary objects we've forgotten to see.

Robert Schelling's bronze sculpture is informed by industrial design and personal cosmology.

Wild Bill Tick Tock's, (aka Bennie Merideth's) wildly popular timepieces reside in collections from Tasmania to Oklahoma to Paris...and just about everywhere in between!

Bonnie Taylor Talbot's paintings combine image and text with celebratory exuberance.

Underneath the surface of San Merideth's bold, color-saturated abstractions are mysterious, richly textured forms....

San's "Desert Alchemy" paintings mesmerize with their expressive, simplified compositions and dramatic use of light.
Christy Henspetter's soft, nuanced oil paintings are informed by the subtle brushwork of the Impressionists.
Contemporary realist Tyler Swain renders his timeless subjects from the natural world against distressed backgrounds, calling our attention to the fragility of life.
We are fortunate to represent yet another extraordinary master of contemporary still life, Judy Prisoc. Her larger-than-life pears and books and butterflies delight. And Chris Terry's purposeful quiet compositions have an altar-like quality.
Carolyn Lamuniere's contemplative interiors invite us to look within. As a matter of fact, we believe great art does just that.

We enjoy longevity as a gallery, and count ourselves lucky to have become a destination for beginning as well as seasoned collectors. If you haven't already visited us, please do!

219 West San Franciso Street/Santa Fe, NM 87501